3 Natural Ways to Cure Diabetes at Home

Diabetes is the condition in which our body does not properly process the food for energy. Most of the food we eat becomes sugar, or sugar, for our body to use for energy. The pancreas, the organ near the stomach, produces a hormone called insulin to help sugar get to our body cells.

 The 3 natural way to cure diabetes is: 
1.      Exercise Regularly
2.      Diet Plan
3.      Control Stress Level


 Symptoms of Diabetes 


  •          Feeling hungry
  •          Weight loss
  •          Blurry vision
  •          Feeling thirsty
  •          Frequent urination
  •          Feeling tired
  •          Itching
  •          Nerve problems

1.     Exercise Regularly 

People with diabetes are motivated to exercise regularly to control the blood sugar level and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other benefits of exercise include a healthy heart, better weight control, and stress management. 


Most people exercise regularly to stay healthy, lose or maintain a healthy weight, improve their athletic experience, or just have fun. If you have any problem to control blood sugar level, then exercising regularly is the best way. It helps to reduce your blood sugar level from high to low.

Good forms of exercise include lifting weights, brisk walking, running, cycling, dancing, mountaineering, swimming, and more. Regular exercise is recommended for people of all ages as it strengthens the immune system and helps protect itself from conditions such as: 

Ø  Heart disease

Ø  Stroke

Ø  Diabetes

Ø  Cancer and other major illnesses



Running is an excellent cardiovascular workout that boosts the health of your heart. It helps to keep heart problems and diseases like diabetes at bay. Running ensures that blood is pumped faster to the heart and, thus, maintains blood pressure. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels are also under control.   



Dancing is a whole-body workout that's actually fun. It is good for your heart, strengthens you, and can help with balance and communication. The 30-minute dance group burns between 130 and 250 calories, almost running. 



Swimming uses all the muscles in the body, so, whether you swim with a soft breast or a butterfly hammer, you will fully exercise. Exercising in water also makes your body more active, so 30 minutes in a pool is equivalent to 45 minutes of the same activity as in the world. 



  2. Diet Plan

As a diabetic, you need to examine your diet carefully. Certain foods can activate a hormonal imbalance, while some ingredients can lighten your condition.


It is a good idea to increase your fiber supply and eat fruits with a low glycemic index. Do not miss a meal, it is better to divide the food for 4-5 hours. Gradually losing weight can help improve blood sugar. Carbohydrates are nutrients in food that turn into sugar, after being digested to provide energy to the body. People with diabetes should consume average amounts of carbohydrates in each meal, rather than avoiding them completely.

Studies have shown that eating too much protein, especially animal protein, can cause insulin resistance, which is a major cause of diabetes. A healthy diet includes protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Our bodies need all three to function properly. The key is a balanced diet.


The food which is good for diabetes is: 

Ø  Healthy fats from nuts, olive oil, fish oils, flax seeds, or avocados, amla, bitter gourd, fenugreek

Ø  Fruits and vegetables - very well, good; All fruits are different from the juices

Ø  Eat whole grain slices of bread and cereals

Ø  Eat turkey or organic chicken and fish or shellfish

Ø  High-quality protein such as eggs, beans, low-fat dairy, and unsweetened yogurt, cinnamon



Cinnamon is a spice that is made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. It is very common and is linked to health benefits such as improving blood sugar control and reducing other risk factors for heart disease.




Avocado is a bright green fruit with a large hole and dark skin. It is also known as the fruit of alligator horse or butter fruit. Avocados are a favorite of the produce section. They're the go-to ingredient for guacamole dips. They come in everything from salads and wraps to smoothies and even brownies.



Fenugreek seeds are high in soluble fiber, which helps lower blood sugar by reducing inflammation and absorbing carbohydrates. This suggests that it may be more effective in treating people with diabetes.



Amla is known for controlling pancreatitis and eventually managing her blood sugar levels correctly. Amla contains chromium and a mineral that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and is said to stimulate the body's response to insulin, by continuing to maintain blood sugar levels.


Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd contains three active anti-diabetic substances, including a warranty, which has been shown to lower blood sugar, vicine, and an insulin-like compound known as polypeptide-p. These substances work in a combination to help lower blood sugar levels.


3.   3. ControlStress Level

Stress is a state of emotional tension that occurs when we feel that we can’t manage with pressure. Stress, whether physical or mental stress, has been proven to start changes in blood sugar levels, which for people with diabetes can be problematic.


 The scientists have found that various stressors can increase a person’s risk of developing diabetes, including:

Ø  Stressful life events or traumatic experiences

Ø  General emotional stress and Work stress

Ø  Anger and hostility

Ø  Distressed sleep


The scientist is recommending the following stress reduction strategies:

Ø  Try taking a short break from stress, which could be a major project or a growing credit card debt, for example.

Ø  Exercise as often as possible, such as taking 20 minutes to walk, run, or swim.

Ø  Smile and laugh to relieve stress on facial muscles.

Ø  Seek social support from a friend or family member.

Ø  Try meditation or mindfulness.


Smile and Laugh

A smile can convey the feeling of satisfaction or acceptance when laughter stems from surprise or confession.


Smiles are often associated with a positive experience, while laughter is associated with something unexpected, but not necessarily positive.

A nervous laugh is a physical response to stress, tension, confusion, or anxiety. ... People laugh when they need to show dignity and control in times of stress and anxiety. In these situations, people generally laugh at low efforts to reduce stress and calm down, but the opposite often works.



Meditation is an easy way, if you practice 10 minutes every day, you are able to deal with stress, reduce stress, improve heart health, and you can get a lot of rest.      


It can have a positive effect on the mind and body. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation is a great stress reliever that can calm you down and provide relaxation. Relaxing meditation can help you sleep better, focus better at work, and stay calm throughout the day.



Yoga is a fundamental spiritual discipline that is based on an exact science, focused on achieving harmony between the mind and body. Also, It is an art and science of healthy living.


Yoga can help reduce stress by promoting relaxation, which is the natural opposite of stress. Yoga can benefit three aspects of ourselves that are often affected by stress: body, mind, and breath. You don't have to wait to feel stressed out from yoga, and neither should you.


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